Setting up Google AdWords Product Listing Ads

We strongly encourage everyone to complete the transition before the mid-October deadline!

See this informative video from Google on setting up Product Listing Ads.

Setting up Google AdWords Product Listing Ads

For Merchants who do not yet have AdWords accounts, Google has provided a simplified Product Listing Ad setup flow directly from within the Google Merchant Center dashboard. This flow not only sets up an AdWords account, but it also creates a Product Listing Ad with default bid and budget settings and links it to the Merchant Center account. 


Check out Google's video, "How to create a new Product Listing Ads campaign" for full details of this method at:

For Merchants who already have Adwords accounts, here is a reminder of the steps for setting up a simple Product Listing Ads campaign: 

Step 1: Link Merchant Center account to AdWords account
In Merchant Center (, click Settings, then AdWords to enter your AdWords Customer ID (CID). 


Step 2: Create an AdWords campaign for product listing ads with bids and budget
In your AdWords account at, create a new Search Network only campaign for Product Listing Ads. 


Specify a bid and budget for Product Listing Ads. 


Link the campaign to the Merchant Center Account by selecting the Ad extension, "Extend my Ads with relevant product details from Google Merchant Center" and the corresponding Merchant Center ID:


Step 3: Create an ad group in the campaign with a product listing ad and product target
After creating a campaign linked to a Merchant Center account (Step 2), create an ad group with a product listing ads creative and an All product target to allow Google to automatically show your product information on relevant search terms related your products. You can later choose to optimize your bids for different groups of products.


And you're done!
You can continue to manage and optimize product listing ads in AdWords.

In the Auto Targets tab, you can see the stats for all your products. If you want to optimize, you can create additional product targets with higher bids for specific groups of products (i.e. bid higher for your shoes, tents, electronics, etc.) 


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