Using Product Targets

Using Product Targets

Once you have Product Listing Ads (PLAs) set up, it's a good idea to create separate product groups for bidding purposes. This is done using what are called Product Targets in the AdWords interface.

Navigate to your PLA campaign, go to the Auto Targets tab and click on Add Product Target. Then select which field you want to use for the Product Target:



The field options correspond to the fields in your SingleFeed file in the following way:

id = Unique Internal Code

product type = Category

brand = Manufacturer

condition = Condition

adwords labels = adwords_labels

adwords grouping = adwords_grouping

See our Supported Fields page for more detail on these fields.

Using the adwords_labels and adwords_grouping fields

SingleFeed supports both of these fields. You will need to add the fields and the desired values to the data feed you import into SingleFeed. Those values are then passed on to Google. Finally you'll need to tell Google what values to look for in the AdWords interface.

An example would be to divide your products into three bidding groups based on your profit margin for each product. You would populate the 'adwords_labels' field with the following values for each product:


And then create three Product Targets that look for each of the three values, with a different bid for each group.


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