Product Level Cost Data Now Available

Product level cost data is currently in BETA.


As some of you may already have noticed, we've recently rolled out a new reporting feature to your account. SingleFeed now has the ability to report shopping engine cost data at the sku/product level so you can better track and monitor your CSE performance. Log into your account today to check out your performance.


Note that cost data is not available in all SingleFeed accounts or for all shopping engines. Please review our FAQs for common questions and solutions.


To make the most of this feature, you'll need to have SingleFeed's tracking and reporting enabled. To learn how to setup tracking for your SingleFeed account, check out this support article.  We have been collecting engine level cost data for some time now, and have been tracking product level cost data for several weeks. Product level cost data is not available retroactively, only moving forward.


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