Integration Guide (Steps & Timeline)

The setup and integration phase is typically the most time intensive component of working with SingleFeed (for both us and you). Time from sign-up to being listed on the shopping engines varies greatly. A client with a data feed ready to go and engine login information at hand can be up and running within a few days, while for many the average time is closer to 30 days.

Please review all relevant documentation as soon as possible after you create your account (or before). We want to ensure that you get up and running successfully on the shopping engines. A SingleFeed account manager will spend several hours personally helping you out during the integration process regardless of your plan level (Starter, Gold or Premium). It's important to remember, however, that we need your help too. While SingleFeed will take care of many aspects of the integration, you are still required to complete a number of steps.

During the integration process, here's what YOU are responsible for:

  1. Setup your shopping engine accounts. We provide detailed setup instructions and help.
  2. Import your products into SingleFeed in our required format. We provide import instructions and also have integrations with a number of e-commerce platforms.
  3. Install the SingleFeed tracking code on your website (not required to get up and running but required for SingleFeed tracking).
  4. On an on-going basis, manage your shopping engine accounts (setting bids, billing, CSE account settings, etc). 


During the integration process, here's what SINGLEFEED will do for you:

  • Outline the integration process and key features of your SingleFeed account and help set expectations.
  • Categorize all of your products into each of the shopping engine's specific category taxonomies.
  • Log into your shopping engine accounts after the first feeds are delivered to complete mapping/setup and to ensure that 100% of your listings are live.
  • Be available via email or our support ticketing system to help with any setup issues related to the SingleFeed platform.


Below is an outline of the integration steps that you can expect:


Step 1:  Create a SingleFeed Account

Estimated Time:  10 minutes

Required Reading:  Account creation guide

Step 2: Subscribe to SingleFeed Alerts

Estimated Time: 5 minutes

Required Reading:  Subscribe to support topics & alerts


Step 3: Import Products

Estimated Time:  30 minutes - 3 hours

Required Reading:  Importing products


Step 4: Activate Engines

Estimated Time:  5-10 minutes per engine

Required Reading:  Activating engines


Step 5: Setup Tracking

Estimated Time:  30 minutes - 1 hour

Required Reading:  Tracking code installation

Step 6: Categorization Process

Estimated Time: 5-7 business days

Required Reading:  Categorization process


Step 7: Engine Feed Delivery

Estimated Time: < 24 hours after categorization

Required Reading:  What to expect from your first engine feed submissions


Congratulations!  If you (and we) have completed all of these steps, then you are finished!  If you have been previously submitting feeds to any of the shopping engines, make sure that you disable those feeds as soon as possible to avoid a conflict.  We hope that SingleFeed helps you experience great success on the comparison shopping engines!  Remember to actively monitor your reporting metrics in order to measure campaign performance and make optimization decisions going forward.  

Whenever you need support, or want to browse our various tips and tutorials, visit!  Thanks for joining the SingleFeed community, we truly appreciate your business!


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