Helpful Documents & Links

You may find the questions below helpful during the integration phase with SingleFeed.  They can also be found in the “FAQ” section of our Knowledge Base, should you need to reference them in the future.

     Products & Importing:

     What file format does SingleFeed accept for importing my products? 

     What are the required fields for SingleFeed? 

     What are the optional fields for SingleFeed and do I need to provide them? 

     Can I import my (Google, Shopzilla, Nextag, etc) file to SingleFeed? 

     I have a Yahoo Store. How do I import my products to SingleFeed? 

     How does the Data Sync feature work? 

     How does the categorization and approval process work? 


     Engine Related:

     How long before my products are live at the shopping engines? 

     When & how are my feeds sent to the shopping engines? 

     Why doesn't the number of active products in SingleFeed match the number of live products listed at the shopping engines? 

     Why does it say "Your FTP information is incorrect" when I try to activate a shopping engine on the Engines tab? 

     What if I don't have all the information required to activate a specific shopping engine? 

     What shopping engines does SingleFeed submit to? 


     SingleFeed Misc:

     When do I receive the discount for my first month of SingleFeed service? 

     What are the different service plans SingleFeed offers? How do I get additional help?


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